Your Quest


Just beyond the thin veil of our world exists a shadowland known as the Nethervoid, which is a cold demonic plane of infinite evil. Through research of ancient lore, prophetic music, and your Juggalo creed, you have unraveled the secret of the Green Book, which reveals an apocalyptic future caused by a rift that is slowly manifesting between this realm and our own. It foretells of monstrous hoards ravaging our lands, oceans freezing under a blackened sun, skies polluted with acidic rain, and a homicidal madness spreading like a disease. Passing through the widening rift, you have heeded the calling of the Dark Carnival to embark on a perilous quest. With little more than the aid of a few Ninjas, you will try to gather more powerful allies in order to face the horrors of the Echoside, the Nethervoid’s sick arrhythmic heart, to strike a definitive blow against the ancient evils causing the rift to form. You must be beyond resilient, however—for others have been summoned to the cause, but there can be only one! Prove yourself worthy and you will win the favor of the Dark Carnival, thus earning the right to lead its army against this diabolical threat. If you fail, you will fall victim to the terror that awaits you within the Nethervoid's cold, dark depths.